Supernatural gambling with Mo lei tau.

The best among God of Gamblers variants as great as the original. The gamblings, the brawls and the beautiful women. The all masculine elements are within. Jeffrey Lau of the famous A Chinese Odyssey is my favourite director. He appears as the boss of Taiwanese Mafia.

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Gamble Saint

Jeffrey Lau

First, the title of this film is originally "Gamble Saint". This is the alias of Sin. The hero derived from the character Ko Chun of God of Gamblers. There are several variants of this film, but English title doesn’t indicate it at all.

Anyway, he is not only God of Gamblers, he is God of "Gamble" itself.

God of Gamblers, they have their own alias which is the original film title. Chow Yun-fat is "Gamble God", Andy Lau is "Gamble Chevalier" and Stephen Chow is "Gamble Saint". Only the earnest fans understand this lineage and Chinese letters in the original titles.

Sin is often comical, but at the serious scenes, he is a true handsome guy. His Kung Fu is marvellous. Stephen Chow shows the phantasmagoric kicks like Wong Fei-hung and a heavy strike like Bruce Lee. Tat got his hard body blow and vomits the bubbles and… dies.

This film features much more Kung Fu than God of Gamblers or God of Gamblers Ⅱ. The great action directed by Corey Yuen. He appears as a boyfriend of Ping. Especially, the story features Taiwanese.

It’s a rare case that the heroes are at the foreigner side in a film. For example, a hero of Hollywood is almost an American Caucasian. This film makes Taiwanese happy too.

Happay ending

I think that the ending of this film is one of the brilliant moments of the cinema history. I really love it.


Sharla Cheung

Sharla Cheung as Yee Mong

Sharla Cheung is my best actress ever. I love this film because she fights by Kung Fu and the guns. Yee Mong is the strongest fighter of this story.

She has the most fighting scenes. Her gun actions remind us of Chow Yun-fat in A Better Tomorrow or God of Gamblers which is including the homage of former.

The hardcore action, it’s great for an audience like me, but for an actress, it must be tough. It’s not really for a beauty actress like Sharka Cheung. However, she is strong for the fighting scene. Really. She made it perfectly.

Yee Mong

Yee Mong is the definitive queen for Sin. She appears in the related films such as God of Gamblers Ⅱ (as Monroe, Yee Mong’s double) and God of Gamblers Part Ⅲ Back to Shanghai.

In fact, God of Gamblers 2 is originally Gamble Chevalier. The sequel of God of Gamblers is God of Gamblers Return which is originally Gamble God 2.

God of Gamblers Part Ⅲ is originally Gamble Chevalier 2. God of Gamblers 3 is another film starred by Leon Lai in 1996…

Gaah! Laisse tomber. Forget about it, it’s too annoying to explain. English titles are crazy. You would have better to learn Chinese letters if you love Hong Kong cinema.

Sandra Ng

吳君如Sandra Ng – Cite: 新華娛樂 新華網

Jeffrey Lau is especially strong for filming the actress. He is able to catch the charm of the actress from the point of view of the man. Sandra Ng is so sexy in this film. She is the comic queen, but everybody knows that she is charming.

There is a scene where Yee Mong profile photo is switching to Ping. It’s treated as a joke, but it’s not bad at all. They are both attractive in different way.

Jeffrey Lau, Stephen Chow and Sandra Ng are also collaborating in Thunder Cops Ⅱ. The original title of this film roughly means "Rogue lady cop".

This is a hardcore Noir in which Sandra Ng fights against the gangster to revenge her father. A masterpiece. Jeffrey Lau never make mistakes.

The Top Bet

劉鎮偉/元奎《賭霸》1991 日版VHS
劉鎮偉/元奎《賭霸》1991 日版VHS

In Japan, God of the Gamblers is renamed to "God Gambler" because the distributor knows only two words. The plural form is out of the understanding.

Nevertheless, they don’t use Chinese letters for the title though Japanese understands the original title.

All for the Winner was released only in VHS from a rotten distributor. The falsified title is "God Gambler, Spin-off of All for the Winner".

All for the Winner is sold as Spin-off of All for the Winner in Japan. What a contradiction.

You know well, the spin-off of All for the Winner is The Top Bet, the original title is "Gamble Champion".

The Top Bet was released from the same distributor in VHS. The falsified title is "God Gambler Returns", thus God of the Gamblers Returns.

What were they thinking?

I assume that Anita Mui is enough famous in Japan. On the other hand, Carol Cheng is surprisingly unknown because her starring films were almost not released in Japan.

Stephen Chow is a special appearance as Sin in The Top Bet. Carol Cheng is the primary heroine. But, why this VHS cover? Because they know only Stephen Chow. They never see the film. What means the professional in Japan?

Anyway, a sequel or a derivative is commonly not great as the original. The Top Bet is in this case to me. The staffs are almost the same as All for the Winner. If you are a fan of Carol Cheng or Anita Mui, it’s worth.

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara