From KDE 4 to KDE 5

A grand transition.

I think, I had been enough waiting. KDE 5 is still masked on Gentoo amd64. However, I tried it. The version is KDE 5.5.1. It was an adventure. Gentoo is my daily use. It’s the most important OS to me. As a result, KDE 5 was stable. It contains a few glitches, but it’s no problem for daily use.

KDE 5.5.1 on Gentoo amd64
Wallpaper: ArtStation – DA JI, Huge Claw

Which I feel evolved on KDE 5

I initially tried KDE 5 of Chakra on my 2nd box. Chakra is always my recommendation. KDE 5 was strongly attractive and it was stable. It made me decide to switch from KDE 4 to KDE 5 on my Gentoo. Honestly, I have more additions than the loss. I feel good on KDE 5.

New Konqi arrives!

At first, the mascot "Konqi" got modern looks. It’s very important for innovating the public image, I think. The new Konqi is so friendly. KDE is friendly, he says. He has the brothers now. He can be popular idol for any generations. I confess that I had been feeling that 3D Konqui was a kind of… weird. Now I want a Konqi T-shirt!

Faster effective speed

KDE 5 starts faster and works faster than KDE 4. Desktop Search also shows the result faster than before. "File type option" change is reflected in a moment.

Sound volume control

I don’t need KMix anymore. I need just "Pulse Audio Volume Control" for temporary switching the sound output. On KDE 5, when the sound card is switching, the master volume control is simultaneously switching according to the sound card.

Desktop Search (Baloo) works except that the files including Chinese characters.

For the occidental, Desktop Search is almost perfect. Baloo strangely understand Katakana (a sort of Japanese character) but can’t understand Chinese characters. Baloo on KDE 5 is still incomplete for us. However, Nepomuk and the old Baloo never worked properly. So, I can count Desktop Search as a progress since KDE 4. No, you shouldn’t compare it with Windows 10 or OSX. Desktop Search is a complex project, it’s never easy to find the contributors.

Digital clock

Now we can change the font! I had been using Adjustable Clock on KDE 4. Digital clock of KDE 5 is not customizable than Adjustable clock at all, but it’s better enough than before.

Which I feel lost on KDE 5

It’s just three things, practically just one thing. Anyway, I think that KDE can abandon the widget. It was already rejected since Windows 8. And actually Chrome apps launcher is going to disappear. I remember that Opera widget and Unite weren’t successful neither.

Stylish icons

Breeze 16×16 icons aren’t my favourite. It’s quasi Windows "1.0". I don’t need a dot between 1 and 0 on our epoch. It’s rather a reversion than a Flat design. However, we can of course switch back the icons to Oxygen, as same as the desktop theme!

Disabled Drag and Drop from Dolphin to an application

I need using another file-manager, for example PCManFM for Gimp or Google Drive. Only Dolphin can’t execute Drag and Drop as a file-manager. It’s even though annoying.

Weather widget

I don’t have Weather widget anymore. However, I don’t have been using the widgets enough. In fact, people doesn’t use them so "Desktop Gadgets" disappeared since Windows 8. People still doesn’t use Chrome apps launcher neither. By the way, Microblogging had been abandoned on KDE 4, then it’s completely disappeared on KDE 5. It wasn’t maintained for Twitter.

Some tricks for upgrading

Basically the steps are on Gentoo Wiki KDE/Plasma 5 upgrade. Additionally I needed to unmask three categories. It’s like:

kde-apps/* ~amd64
kde-frameworks/* ~amd64
kde-plasma/* ~amd64

And take a look at the article on Gentoo Wiki on SDDM before starting KDE 5. We need:

$ sudo usermod -a -G video sddm

Where are the configuration files?

They were under ~/.KDE4/ but now under ~/.config/ like the others.

Where are the user wallpers and themes?

Now it’s under ~/.local/share/.