A love story almost comic, sometimes cynical.

It’s far better than I expected. Suddenly, a die-hard 演歌 guy appears and sings. Then, 大隻佬! He is in a jail and sings… We don’t know why. Something goes mad in this film!

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  • 導演:林子聰
  • 編劇
  • 監製
  • 攝影:鄒連友
  • 配樂:黃英華
  • 領銜主演
    方力申 … 陳偉文
    梁慧恩 … Karen
  • 客串:劉德華 … 大隻佬(好震驚!)
  • 主演
    林家棟 … 李 sir
    林雪 … 陳偉文父
    元秋 … 陳偉文母
    陳國坤 … 康仔
  • 出品:Focus Films/得君
  • 日期:2006年03月23日
  • 片長:100分
  • 日本版
    I’ll Call You
    CCRE 2008年08月20日 DVD
  • English title: I’ll Call You

Gordon Lam as a great comic relief.

林家棟 was impressive, he played a philosophic guy. He speaks a few. And his words are sometimes irrelevant. We can’t suppose if he is really sophisticated or not. I think that he thinks, in fact, nothing!


方力申, he is rather famous as a singer. I saw him initially in his cinema debut title《2002》of 葉偉信. He was an enemy named 水鬼 (Water ogre).

He is the hero of this film. Very refreshing. However, the basic story is enough hopeless. It wasn’t too pathetic, but I couldn’t adapt myself well to the ending. It was cynical and realistic. It could have ended up as a romantic love story…

The director is 林子聰. He is well known as an actor of the films of 星爺. The heroine is 梁慧恩. I saw her in 重案黐孖Gun as a role named 阿珊.

The return of 大隻佬!?

Before watching this film, I recommend you to watch《大隻佬》2003. Because 華仔 appears as 大隻佬 and sings《暗裡著迷》. The song is in the album《答案就是你》1993. 大隻佬 thus 華仔 made the crazy scenes in this film. You have to see them!

Focus Films

This is a film of Focus Films which can be a successor of 天幕製作. This production company was built by 華仔 to give a chance to the new creators and push them for the future of Hong Kong cinema. Actually, they released the famous《打擂台》(Gallants) by 林家棟 in 2010 and a masterpiece《風暴》(Firestorm) in 2013.

I say, Andy Lau produced films are all masterpieces of the genre. Some films are underestimated because the ideas were too advanced in these times. Toady, we should revisited them, for example 戰神傳說. We discover that the productions are always succeeding on the quality.

華仔 interview on Japanese edition DVD

Japanese edition DVD is nice. It’s rarely nice for Japanese distributor. I appreciate it. The subtitles are perfect and it’s including the interview of 華仔. And this interview is important as same as the film!