Kung Fu addiction.

The film gives me a special effect, invites me to see more Kung Fu films again. My childhood returns. To have this Blu-ray disc is worth. I feel that I got really a precious thing.


Amazon 维基百科 百度百科 香港影庫 HKMDB
  • 導演:袁和平
  • 編劇:杜緻朗
  • 動作設計
  • 監製
  • 攝影:趙小丁/謝澤
  • 配樂:梅林茂
  • 主題曲:周迅〈走馬看黃花〉
  • 領銜主演
    趙文卓 … 蘇燦
    周迅 … 袁英
    安志杰 … 袁烈
  • 主演
    郭曉冬 … 馬清風
    周杰倫 … 武神
    楊紫瓊 … 牛叔
    馮小剛 … 神偷
    劉家輝 … 白須翁
    劉耕宏 … 鐵男
    蔣璐霞 … 鐵姬
  • 出品:王志斌
  • 日期:2010年02月09日
  • 片長:115分
  • 日本版
    酔拳 レジェンド・オブ・カンフー
    Paramount Japan 2012年09月14日 Blu-ray
  • English title: True Legend

Zhao Wen-zhuo is now Su Can


I’m on Jackie Chan generation than Bruce Lee. Thus, Yuen Woo-ping built the basic notion of Kung Fu in my mind. Drunken Master and Snake in the Eagle's Shadow were repeatedly on TV in my childhood. Japanese children had been always trying to imitate the moves of Jackie. We watch his film on TV, next day, someone cheaply replays a small part. "Zui quan" was the most popular move among the kids.

Nowadays, Zhao Wen-zhuo as Su Can. To me, Zhao Wen-zhuo was definitively Wong Fei-hung since the TV series Once Upon a Time in China. Each season was released on DVD in Japan. Zhao Wen-zhuo is a real Martial artist, he knows Kung Fu not for sports but for fighting. He always reminds me of the true colour of Kung Fu which never fades since my childhood.

He finally incarnates Su Can. The story is visibly consisted of two parts. The first part is the life story of Su Can. The struggle among his families. The second part is the mythic story that Su Can became "Beggar So" getting the hang of "Zui quan".

True legends from Shaw Brothers

A Shaw Brothers legend, Leung Kar-yan appears as the father of Su Can. He plays a quite serious role this time. But, I always feel that he hides something funny inside. Then, I’m glad to see the master "Liu Chia-hui" again on screen though he doesn’t demonstrate his skills. Michelle Yeoh is rather in the next generation of Shaw Brothers, but she is also a grand master. The blood of true legends approved this film.

Jay Chou in Kung Fu


Wushu God by Jay Chou is the remarkable highlight. He is accompanied by "White whisker hermit" by Liu Chia-hui. That’s really a fantastic collaboration. No one couldn’t imagine such illusional situation!

Now, we see his another talent. We know that he respects Kung Fu through his songs. Then, we can see his great Kung Fu fightings in this film. That’s exciting!

Unbeatable God uses various weapons such as Gun, Chuí and a weapon called Wind & Fire Wheels at the first part. He shows finally "Zui quan" at the second part! We know well how strong Andy On is. Then, we know how strong Jay is!

Assassin brother: Liu Geng-hong

I never doubted that Liu Geng-hong was a pure action star. A muscle monster moves rapid and strikes hard. His published body shaping books are popular in Taiwan. In fact, he is mainly a singer. What a surprise!

He is a close friend of Jay, we can see their friendship for example in the archive of 康熙来了 with charming Dee Shu. When Jay is there, Geng-hong is there, such as Initial D (2005), Kung Fu Dunk (2008) and The Treasure Hunter (2009).

Assassin sister: Jiang Lu-xia

Jian Lu-xia, the most charming and strong Martial arts actress since the end of 00s. She is also in Ip Man: The Final Fight as I’ve already seen. I need more her films. Her Kung Fu is supreme! She can easily defeat the men. A martial art girl with baby face reminds me the 80-90s stars such as Lin Hsiao-lou and Ōshima Yukari.

Andy On & Zhou Xun

安志杰 - 霍耀良《特殊身份》2013

Zhou Xun as "Xiao Ying", the wife of Su Can. She made him the myth. The most important personage of the story.

Andy On as "Yuan Lie". He is an elder brother of Xiao Ying, thus a brother-in-law of Su Can. He is a minister of Qing dynasty, it’s traditionally bad. He is a psychopathic villain of the first part. He lost his mind and tainted himself by the five venoms for revenging of his father. The five venoms is a famous historical subject in China, and it perhaps implies Chang Cheh's The Five Venoms.

I prefer Andy On as a hero in a story. But he is often the rival of hero or the villain in a Hong Kong film such as Star Runner (2003), Unbeatable (2013) and Special ID (2013).

Zhou Xun sings the theme song

It’s rare that she sings. So, many people mention to the original sound track on the web, also in Japan. It’s also rare that Jay Chou works only as an actor in a film.

A rare misunderstanding of the cover by Paramount Japan

Paramount is the best film distributor for Japanese. However, we find a rare mistake on Japanese Blu-ray/DVD cover of this film because it’s directly ported from the crappy US version. This cover designer must be fired forever. It fakes. It impossibly lacks Zhou Xun, really impossible!

Kazu Spara in 25 May 2017
Kazu Spara