The afterlife is over the extension of the daily life.

The horror from a human obsession. The personages are possessed by something else. The past or a ghost. On the subject of the obsession, there is no difference between the human and the ghost. Yes, we are possessed!


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  • 導演/編劇:鍾少雄
  • 監製:陳會毅
  • 攝影:陳輝
  • 配樂:黃艾倫
  • 領銜主演
    張智霖 … 阿占
    小沢真珠 … Minako
    謝君豪 … 楊牧師
  • 主演
    李燦森 … 小寫
    陳自瑤 … 阿Yan
  • 出品:世紀創作室/寰宇影片發行
  • 日期:2002年10月31日
  • 片長:90分
  • 日本版
    Geneon 2004年11月05日 DVD
  • English title: Possessed


It too much scared me… It’s a true horror that I have the difficulty to deal with. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it. Each girl is cute even though she is a ghost! That’s a theory of the horror film. Above all, 陳自瑤 who played "阿Yan" and is featured on the poster was cute.

A serious ghost incident happens. The ghost possesses a person to revenge his accidental death. Then, there are three protagonists who are possessed. However, It’s not by the ghost. They are possessed by something in real life. Thus, the film title "Possessed" includes the irony.

  1. A girl from Japan named "Minako" performed by 小沢真珠. She is possessed by the love for her ex-boyfriend "阿占" though their relation was already finished.
  2. "阿占" is possessed by his job. He drives the plot.
  3. Priest "楊" is possessed by the sadness from his past. He lost his wife and he can’t accept the reality. He is the key of this story.

I discovered a point in common between the human and the ghost. This is "Obsession". The afterlife is over the extension of the daily life. This film makes me a little philosophical.

However, the ending was enough comical. The ghost should have be gone, but "楊" seems possessed. There was not any contexts. The director apparently wanted to say "To be continued", but that was just gilding the lily.

The great adaptability of 小沢真珠


小沢真珠 was brilliant. Her acting was naturally like a Hong Kong actress. Her adaptability to Hong Kong cinema should be more evaluated. Besides, she tried a sexy scene. She never do it in Japan. This film is her big challenge.

I have a good impression for 小沢真珠 since《東京攻略》that was released in the same year of this film. Then, Japan can boast of 藤原紀香, 瀬戸朝香 and 小沢真珠. They are notably professional among Japanese actresses.

謝君豪 was also impressive. I must see his films more. 張智霖 is the husband of 袁詠儀 (Anita Yuen). He has many starring films, but almost them are not released in Japan. I know only his cinema debut work《邊城浪子》.

Japanese film distributor swindle as usual.


The original poster feature 李燦森 and 陳自瑤. They are the victims of the ghost. 陳自瑤 has enough scenes, but 李燦森 is almost a guest appearance.

Then, Japanese DVD cover features 李燦森 as same value as 小沢真珠. So, I thought that he was starring this film… It’s because he is popular in Japan and the other actors are almost unknown. It’s a same old story. Japanese distributor swindled again.

I didn’t know absolutely nothing about this film. I saw this used DVD in a shop and I soon bought it because he was on the cover! In fact, 張智霖 or 謝君豪 should be featured along with 小沢真珠.

Nevertheless, the film was quite interesting. I’m enough satisfied. And I like this Japanese DVD cover. 李燦森 with a quite serious face is just funny!