Never surrender.

This film reminds me of a song of the punk band, Blitz. The rebel against the system. The ending of this masterpiece implies the never ending battle. This is significant because we still keep fighting for winning the justice and the freedom today.

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  • 導演:盧堅
  • 編劇:陳慧
  • 動作設計:惠天賜/袁振洋
  • 監製:洪金寶
  • 攝影:林輝泰
  • 配樂:林敏怡
  • 領銜主演
    惠天賜 … 沈英武
    沈德寶莉 … JoJo
    元華 … 機器人廠長
  • 主演
    柯受良 … 工頭
    樓南光 … 保安
  • 客串
    錢小豪 … 保安隊長15320
    曾志偉 … 情報局人員
  • 出品:寶禾影業
  • 日期:1987年03月20日
  • 片長:89分
  • 日本版
    Spike 2002年01月10日 DVD
  • English title: The Final Test

Rebel against the system

This is a sort of Italian Post-apocalyptic film such as L’ultimo guerriero. People are controlled by the system. They are obliged to work like slaves. Someone for the money to live, someone for obtaining the drags. There is no escape. Work or die. People make the profit to the society and the system grows more and more. This vicious cycle never end in this holy world. The story is rather comical at the early stage. It gets harder little by little. Then, the dramatic ending.

The story still continues after the ending

Blitz - Voice of a Generation (1982)
Blitz "Voice of a Generation" 1982

That’s because this story is a caricature of our real life. Some of us are already giving up. Some of us never think for what they are living. But, some of us are still fighting against the system. The ending of this film implies "Never surrender".

The story has a surface of Sci-Fi, but there is surely the spirit of Punk Rock. This film reminds me a song of Blitz.

We will have the different perspectives to this unique film. To me, it’s a masterpiece. It discloses the thing called "Necessary evil" which I can’t accept.

The cyber caricature of Hong Kong

When I visited to Hong Kong for the first time, I felt that I don’t have the capacity to live there. I won’t stand up to the stress of the city and the life is too expensive.

I had been surrounded by the luxury stores which always stimulates my desire in Kowloon. The beautiful women and the gorgeous bars. The voice said to me “Be rich, work hard and overtake your rivals”. The sleepless desires. The crowd, crowd, crowd… Hong Kong overwhelmed my mind.

Austin Wai & Deborah Sims

There are three protagonists. The hero, the heroine and the enemy. It’s rather a minimal scale story, but it has the depth. The director knows how to make a film.

沈德寶莉健美操系列(五)美體綜合韻律操Cite: 沈德寶莉健美操系列(五)美體綜合韻律操 – 噹噹網

The heroine, Deborah Sims was famous as an exercises instructor. In fact, the actress is not her core profession. So, she has only three films on her visible actress career.

However, she is a good actress. Moreover, she stands out in beauty and has naturally a good shape. Healthy and sexy. She can be a good motivation to see this film.

Austin Wai is a famous martial arts actor as you know well. He is also known as the elder brother of Kara Hui. Unfortunately, his Shaw Brothers films are almost not released in Japan. Recent his films are such as One Nite in Mongkok, SPL and Flash Point.

Special appearances

As the prologue of the story, an ex-hero appears. Chin Siu-ho plays this guy. He dies before achieving his rebellion. Then the outbreak of a new rebel, the story begins. At the ending, the director suggests the continuous challenge of the rebel till breaking the system. And Eric Tsang appears briefly at the beginning.

Use your illusion

元秋和元華Cite: 現實中元秋,元華到底是什麼關係?是親兄妹還是夫妻?

I think that the director intentionally used the gadgets of this time. Obviously, the budget was limited and the director didn’t want to invent the futuristic gadgets. Then, he decided to show the things as they are of that times.

That’s because the smart audience like us can account them as the futuristic gadgets, with just a little imaginations.

The large Floppy discs, these are 5 inch. Floppy disc is already a legacy, 5 inch is yet another legacy. They make use of some kind of high-tech "analog" phones. The video game is Pacman.

These retro things turn into the unseen future items with our illusion. It’s like a 8 bit RPG. We used to complement the lack of the graphics by our imaginations. That’s why 8 bit RPG was more powerful than the full 3D RPG of today.

Yuen Wah in 2027

王晶/鍾少雄《雀聖》2005王晶/鍾少雄《雀聖》2005 – Cite: 百度百科

The master of this "cyber" system is Yuen Wah. He controls the machines in earnest. He is freaking serious.

He is something different from other Kung Fu masters. I think that he is the natural born comedian. It’s true that he is always in the center of Hong Kong cinema and today he became a worldwide celebrity.

Yuen Wah impacted me the most. You must see his invulnerable cyber power in this film. If you haven’t seen yet, I also recommend you to see Kung Fu Mahjong or My Kung Fu Sweetheart.

Japanese DVD

In fact, Japanese edition doesn’t exist. Japanese DVD is the OEM of Media Asia. The original DVD always includes Japanese subtitles. So you don’t need to have this strange Japanese distributor’s edition.