Excess Baggage (1997) Marco Brambilla

Excess Baggage

Emily is excess or not? After all, this is my favourite film. At least, it’s sure that the film includes certain beautiful scenes. This is very 90s in a good or a bad sense. This "Easy-going" makes me choose "However" or "Let it go" in every moment. Just forget the logic and enjoy the atmosphere. Alicia Silverstone and Benicio Del Toro, they are definitely gorge… Continue



This film makes me fully happy. A masterpiece of the pure Hong Kong style Romantic Comedy. The director was a planner of Chungking Express. Kaneshiro Takeshi is participating in this film and his song is used. The theme and insert song by Faye Wong in addition.



It’s like a breaking ball. This film seems focusing on the female mental disorder though it’s a Romantic Comedy. It’s rather for a gourmet searching for the rare dishes. I’m worry about if "Fighting for Love" were your initial Sammi’s comedy, she would have implanted as a hysterical woman in your head.

唐洪根《兄弟》2004 - 960x540


The awaited film starring Roy Cheung. Lu Yi and Xu Jing-lei accompany him, plus the guest appearance of Alex Man and Shing Fui-on like a homage to "Brotherhood" 1986. It’s gorgeous. A tragic story of the assassin brothers in Shanghai 1930s. The casting, the staging, the camerawork and the soundtracks are excellent. This is a hidden masterpiece.


Eccentric kicks. Apparently, a homage to Jason Pai in the film 黃飛鴻與鬼腳七. The ingenious kicking techniques are developed by Yuen Biao. The gigantic Xiangqi is impressive. This film is lesser known than "Once Upon a Time in China Ⅲ" that was released at almost the same time, but has its own unique idea. It should be revisited.


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